For your listening pleasure... more audiobooks!

You’re always on the lookout for cool “new and improved” stuff, right? Well, you’re in luck.

The Joel Allen Communications web site has a new feature, showcasing the audiobooks I’ve produced over the last few months and providing links to help you download those books from for your listening pleasure. You'll find a handy link to my new audiobooks page on the header of my web site. Keep in mind, I haven’t written these books (for that, you’ll want to head to the Ripoff and Run pages at Amazon or Smashwords ). Instead, these are audiobooks for which I have voiced the narration. If you're brand new to Audible and you download one of my books first, I'll pick up a nice little bonus, so I encourage you to head in that direction.

I have quite the eclectic collection of audiobooks here. Let’s take a closer look (listed in order of completion, newest to oldest).

The first entry is a riveting Vietnam War memoir from a former Marine fighter pilot who was dodging surface-to-air missiles over the jungles of Southeast Asia when he was barely past his teens. In The Art of Peace, author Robert Moriarty offers a dramatic inside-the-cockpit view of what it was like to be at the tip of the sword in the skies over Vietnam at a time when that controversial conflict was tearing our nation apart back home. As the book’s title suggests, this former air warrior has some interesting and timely insights into why he thinks wars are fought today and what could or should be done to prevent them. A word of caution here: some of the dialog in this audiobook is definitely in the NSFW realm. You know how Marines talk during downtime in the officer’s club. But if you’re willing to handle a few #%$&! expletives, I think you’ll appreciate this engrossing narrative of a contentious war as witnessed from an aerial perspective.

As someone who made his living in the news business for well over 30 years, I can tell you that fact is not only stranger but often more engaging than fiction. The Slasher Killings: A Canadian Sex Crime Panic, 1945-1946 is a perfect example. Writer Patrick Brode is an attorney and author of more than a dozen books that often shine a spotlight on little-known but fascinating aspects of history and law. The Slasher Killings is a detailed, nearly hour-by-hour true account of a series of knife-attack murders in post-World War II Windsor, Ontario. The book’s captivating account of the gruesome killings is worth a listen on its own, but I believe it’s Brode’s depiction of the Windsor news media’s (along with the local police department’s) reaction to the sex crimes that is the most intriguing aspect of this book. Panic doesn’t begin to describe how the Windsor public responded to the slasher killings. Suffice to say that society’s view of what is sexually deviant behavior and what isn’t has evolved dramatically over the last 70 years.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? And the creepier the better, right? If that’s your cup of rancid tea, then you’ll want to try on Snuff Out the Candle for size. This collection of short stories by Texas-based author and artist Angelique LaFontaine dips its chilly toes into the dark side of human – and sometimes beyond-human – nature. Here, you’ll experience ten noir tales - like that of a bizarre and deadly chemistry experiment.. or a dark forest that holds a bloody secret.. or a mysterious lipstick stain that could hold the key to nabbing a serial killer.. and more. Will listening to this audiobook cause you to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night? Well, I can’t make promises – but you’ve been warned.

You’ve probably heard of the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. Judging from the world we’ve had to endure over the last.. what, 20 years?.. I’d say we’ve all been cursed. But – good news! Personal development expert David James has advice on how to find relief from the panic and stress of everyday life in a natural way. ANXIETY: Getting Free from Fear and Panic Attacks offers real-world, easy-to-digest tips on how to overcome panic attacks and panic disorder without resorting to obscurely-named pharmaceuticals that can do as much damage to your pocketbook as your mind. Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling calmer already.

Let’s take a dive into the latest and most-popular daytime TV phenomenon: doctors’ talk shows. Dr. Travis Stork: Understanding the Life and Lessons of the Creator of The Doctors Diet and The Doctors Talk Show gives us new insights into the life of a rising star in the TV talk show world. The book is penned by West Virginia-based clinical psychologist Dr. Ruth Carr, whose lengthy list of previous writings include biographies of a Zen Buddhist monk and the Dalai Lama, along with self-help books about eliminating stress in your life and finding relationship happiness. This Dr. Stork bio is an appealing behind-the-scenes profile of a young physician whose meteoric career has touched the lives of millions.

So there you have it, my portfolio of audiobook narration work to date. Will there be more to come? I certainly think so – but let’s see how far these five books go first. My retirement from the news biz has allowed me to try my hand at a few fun things I didn’t have the time or inclination to attempt before – like producing audiobooks. But before I delve too deeply into this world, I’d like to see how these books do first.

Your feedback is important to me. Let me know what you think. And happy listening!

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